Bobby pins sets have a mixture of 3/4 inch, 5/8 inch buttons and/or flower cabochons.

Other Measurements:
Antique Brass Pin: 5.5cm Long
Moustache Charm: 1.2cm X 4cm
Flower Cabochon: 1.5cm to 2cm

So Star Moustache Set - Sold.

So London Moustache Set - Sold.

So Pink Moustache Set - Sold.

So Purple Moustache Set - Sold.


So Rosey Set - Sold.

So Bow Set - Sold.

So Peach Set - Sold.

So Lace Set - Sold.



From Previous Collection:

Bluocto - Available X 1.

Casquela - Available X1.

Confetti - Available X 1.

Kimling - Available X 1.

Leutoi - Available X 1.

Lindy - Available X 1.

Maryrae - Available X 1.


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Shipping (Postage) Rates; For Bobby Pins Set / Individual Pin:
One / Two Items:
Normal Postage: $0.70
Registered Postage: $2.94 ($0.70 + $2.24)

Mixture of items / three items & above, postage will be advised in invoice.

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